Homemakers Real Estate, LLC specializes in identifying distressed properties, purchasing, renovating and then reselling them on the retail housing market.  And while this may sound like a standard industry practice scenario, our formula for success contains a variety of unique elements that allow us to work with other investors, wholesalers, banks and the public in a unique manner that serves all parties equally within each property opportunity.



The Cornerstones of Our System are the In-house 

Foundation Elements which Assure Quality Product Delivery 


In-house Investment Capital & Partnerships

Homemakers Real Estate holds investment capital of its own in addition to uniting with hard money lenders and outside investors.  We purchase properties from individuals and companies at auction, short sale, REO’s, wholesalers, foreclosure and out of probate.   


25-years of Residential Renovation Contracting Experience

Sherwood Construction directs, manages and implements all renovation work on the properties we purchase to assure the highest quality and timely renovation of each home.  Top to bottom analysis and attention to detail has been Sherwood’s trademark style since 1984 and they assure that the finished product is seamless.  Emphasis is placed on long term goals and use that would be desired by a homeowner rather than “patchwork-for-quick-resale” techniques seen on properties that are “flipped” by rushed investors looking for a quick buck. 


In-house Interior Design

Our on-staff interior designer assists the rehab team from start-to-finish selecting both structural and accent décor features for each property including granite countertops, custom kitchen cabinet layouts and color palette selection just to name a few.  Functionality is merged with comfort and style and finishing touches such as wall art, drapery, bath and kitchen are set up to make each property truly unique thereby increasing marketability. 

Learn more about our on-staff Design Services.


Synchronized Property Selection Within Our Marketing Formula

The key to any good investment scenario is having a sound formula to market and deliver a speedy return on that investment.  Our marketing program begins with careful selection of initial properties to be brought into our system, carries through the rehab and interior design process described above, and finishes with precise representation techniques in the marketplace.  Specific mathematics are employed, as well as serious attention to detail when we select a property to enter our system.  This includes neighborhood evaluation, room sizes, structural rehab requirements, property layout and more. Learn more about our methodology.



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